Motor max evolve motors

I’v giving an old evolve (gt) a battery and unity upgrade. What would be a safe motor max and motor brake setting? (charge only bms). I have fund that evolves motors are 34 max. Can anyone confirm this?

I have the Racerstar 140kv and I have mine set to 60A throttle and -35 brake.
I know it’s a bit extreme but I have monitored it on hills it may spike 45A sometimes.
They do get warm going up hill. I live on a hill that pitches 19% and then averages to 16%.
First thing is the balance connectors you will need to cut and splice in the right connector for the Unity.
Link :
When doing the set up make sure the settings are saved.
For some reason I had a problem were my motors had no torque with a load on it. It was fine on the bench but as soon as I got on a incline I got thrown off.
I had to go through the whole setup again and now everything is fine.

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I have dropped those on 50A and -50A. Running 12s :slight_smile:


Yes I’m going to drop mine down to 50 as well.

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