Motor KV measure - HELP needed

Is there a way to measure the exact KV of my motors? Just ordered and Maytech says they are 220kv but my ERPMs are only 56k with the board upside down. So I’m thinking they are 170s.

Could FocBox Tool somehow limit my ERPMs?

How can I verify the actual KV of the motors?


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Which Maytech motors?

Im nearly positive my ‘190kv’ motors from Maytech are between 170 and 180kv as my top speed doesn’t line up quite right :thinking:

They could just be ‘yes-ing’ us :man_shrugging:t2:

This is what I have…

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Ah ok, I thought we might have the same size motors, and that they could have been from the same batch. Guess not :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve got 5570s

Thanks I use the calc but its not lining up. So either Maytech sent me 170s on accident or they are 220s with some random restrictions. I was wondering if there was a precise way to calculate?, not just using the ESK8 calculator.

When you run the calculator how many ERPMs are you supposed to have? and how does that compare to reatime testing?

If the tool says you have x erpm unloaded, trust that value and backpeddle, will give a decent aproximation.

That’s what I did. So basically Maytech sent me the wrong motors ;-( Thanks man!

Vesc tool motor detection should tell you kv also

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where? do not see that in focbox tool?

Should I demonstrate a measurement? I’ve got an optic tach and a voltmeter. I keep saying I’ll do it.

Let me order some chickens and I’ll measure 190s, 200s, 220s, 240s. 30 mins tops


Vesc tool.

I do not think I can use that with unity? can i?

Nope doesn’t work with unity

shi&^%#$ LOL

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I think ur kaly has 190kv right?

yes it does. maybe I should compare erpms! Good job Karam

If the Kaly swings higher erpms then the Evo I know the Evo is 170

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Yea, also 220’s torque is much lower then 170 so try a complete stop to throttle acceleration test and you’ll know. 170 is really torquey compared to the 220’s

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