motor detection problem

I was out on a ride today and when I was going up a hill while I had full throttle the board went off the gas for a very short time and then full power. I fell and luckely with minor damage to me and the board. But the motor cogs and is unable to spin up. No sign of damage and as I plugged it to the pc and ran a bldc detect test. Here the motor spins on the first two, but seems to have a problem with the last spinning test. I have tried a lot of different currents, ERPM and duty cicle. The motor spins a lot better with minimal cogging, but it still won’t detect. I tried FOC and it passes and works fine on every test. What could be the problem here and how could I fix it?

6374 Turnigy sk3 192KV
10s4 30Q
Maytech MTSVESC6.0 based 200A VESC

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After you try to drive it and it fails, if you go to terminal and type faults, does it report anything?

Nope, Ford not report anything.


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