Most affordable way to ship parts worldwide

Hello guys, as you know I sell enclosures and small esk8 parts around the world, sometimes I ship from Lima Perú but sometimes I also ship fro USA.

I’ve realized sometimes shipping parcels from USA is cheap but it’s usually crazy expensive, for instance I need to ship a deck with enclosure from Texas to Australia a shipment is almost US$ 110.

Do you sellers have have a trick to lower this ammount, like creating a B2B account? what carrier do you use the most for these kind of shipments?


Australia is a bitch to get to and from. We’re surrounded by a big ass ocean or two. Shipping is notoriously unreasonably high for even the smallest of parcels. I’m following this to see if anyone has tips.


Between Europe and US it is cheaper for me to fly on American Airlines with 3 x 70 lbs checked luggage than shipping.


How about surface shipping? Anything but air would probably cheaper but it will take fracking long.
Sucks especially since shipping a bunch would probably cost as much as shipping 1.



Well probably that one will be more expensive lol.

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Buy from Dex and spend more than $300USD boom!!!
Or buy deck locally like I did and eboostin enclosure only is more reasonable $265 Dollaroos shipped for a LT evo 40" SS. i paid $190 Dollaroos for my evo 40 from local skateshop.