More Battery Fire; Alter Bags Prototype


Man, you made me lol irl when you brought out the guitar :grin:



I really hope they don’t start trying to restrict where we can store our batteries or I’m screwed. I’ve got one pack partially disassembled being stored under my bed and then an assembled pack that doesn’t have a BMS in the closet.

My dog attempted to eat the insulation off the assembled pack’s battery leads so it had to be put out of her reach. She wasn’t interested in the wires on the other pack at all.


Haha same.

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Yeah, I have concerns about this, at least in large metropolitan areas.

Recently, the New York City Housing Authority banned battery operated vehicles from being housed indoors. The majority of housing in NYC isn’t run by NYCHA, but it was a sign of things to come.

Battery fires are unfortunately common in NYC, due to the proliferation of cheap scooters and ebikes, containing trash bin batteries; many of which are electrically and physically abused, creating a larger danger.


Did they do anything to provide a safe place for people to store their PEVs? If they did then I can understand the ban, but otherwise they’re just going to get people storing them indoors anyway.

NYC doesn’t often provide much of anything for people. That would take forethought, integrity, and a local government structure not designed to funnel money upward into the pockets of municipal administrators.

To summarize: NYC just bans stuff unless it’s owned by CitiBike.


I wish I was wrong but you’re not just describing NYC. That’s a lot of unconfortable similarities with most large cities.

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In China we’ve had this ban for several years now, since mopeds are very common and you often have people on older mopeds with lead acid batteries upgrade to li-ion packs but they want it done cheap, so either salvaged cells or no bms or soldered together, often the combination of a lot of these together. Then people bring them indoors to charge and you have fire in the entire apartment (we mostly have apartments here).

Esk8 in general is a bit better regulated on the production board side of things when it comes to BMS since you’ll need at least a decent one to pass the shipping certification UN38.3

Haha how many of the Chinese board manufacturers are actually complying to these standards and/or shipping boards/batteries legitimately?

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I can’t speak for every one of them but most boards over $400 seems alright

(compared to how the e-moped industry here, they’re definitely not on par with stuff like ninebot or boosted, but they’re more legit than you’d think)

Still. I doubt that many of them are shipping their products legitimately.


My board started out as a pre-built Chinese board and all of the packaging was done properly. I actually recommend people who are just kind of interested to look at the budget Chinese made boards since they’re priced better overall and when I was buying my board a little over 2 years ago, the ESCs used were more reliable. One American based company had an ESC known to randomly put the brakes on fully and shut off. Don’t remember the name though, and I have no idea if they ever fixed it since back then the company refused to even acknowledge the issue.

The important thing with buying a board from a Chinese company is to buy it directly from them and not some 3rd party site like Aliexpress or Amazon.

Although I will say that the cells they use in their battery packs are not the highest quality cells. They work just fine but they have a much shorter lifespan / start loosing capacity in less cycles than better quality cells. For someone who only occasionally uses their esk8 as a hobby the batteries would last long enough. Just not great if you’re using it for daily transportation. It only took around 6 months for my original battery pack to loose so much capacity it couldn’t power my board anymore, and then the replacement they sent had a bad BMS so that one failed even sooner.

This is partially correct, other than buying directly from them first look around for other buyer’s experience with customer service and all that, and see if anyone is thinking poorly of their product

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