Mooch’s Bench Test Results: Vapcell Red S30 – 25A 3000mAh 18650, best performing 3000mAh right now

The ratings are exaggerated a bit but it’s a great performer, best 3000mAh 18650 right now. Its higher capacity is only evident at under 5A-7A or so.

Liion Wholesale donated cells for testing so that’s a great place to check first IMHO. :slightly_smiling_face:


someone tell me how much a 12S4P in cells cost

For side-by-side (or over/under) comparison, it indeed looks like if you discharge only way down to 3.0V then it does beat the venerable 30Q by a smidgeon. (A 30Q would run a flashlight longer though, but maybe not motors)

Looks like the S30 run a tad cooler

But it’d seem in high P depths or with higher cutoffs I think I might prefer the 30Q still. They are extremely similar though

The graphs don’t have the same height, so quickly switching back and forth is misleading :laughing:

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In actual use we probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in performance at levels the 30Q is good for, up to about 15A. Price, availability, cycle life…this would be the things that separated them.


They’re both 2.8V to 4.2V. :thinking:

He’s referring to pixels :rofl:

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$290 shipped and taxed, less than I was figuring!

you can make a 12S8P 2170 for that however

I guess if you half the weight and speed it might get near the same range…

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The actual image size?
I’m a bit confused how it’s misleading though, the data is fine. Just slide one image around a bit if overlaying. :grin:

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Both images combined (orange is vapcell, blue is 30Q)

Or you can quickly skip between these 2 images:


Vapcell clearly has more power for our cutoff voltage :slight_smile:


How good is it sir mooch around. He’s been my go to for rating 18650 for years. Knows the odd thing about mechs too.


At 25A? That’s a bit unfair considering the 30Q’s much lower current rating. :slightly_smiling_face:
No cell runs well at that far above its true current rating and no one should even be considering a 30Q for levels that high IMO. It’s an “energy” cell, best at below its rating.

“Power” cells like the P26A and VTC5A/5D are a lot more efficient and equal the Vapcell S30 in performance at above 20A. The P26A and VTC5A/5D run cooler though.


Even at 20 or 15A (I’m using 3.1V for cutoff in this comparison); the Vapcell maintains a higher voltage in your discharge graphs, so at constant power draw it would outperform in range, or in constant current draw outperform in sag. Way too expensive though to replace the 30Q at its current price.


Agreed. I did title my post “best 3000mAh”. :slightly_smiling_face:
Really only worth buying if the trend of disappearing cells continues (due to manufacturer crackdowns on loose cell sales).