Momentary latching switch adapter circuit

Can someone tell me why this is bad idea to be able to use a momentary switch with a circuit that requires a latching switch.

Source and additional circuit options

If you use a momentary contact switch in place of a latching switch and that is the only thing you change, then that switch just won’t work. It doesn’t break the switch or cause any real damage to the controller/ circuit though. You would just need to constantly hold the (momentary contact) button down if you wanted the circuit to be on

The information you included is about the latching circuit and not the switch itself. For that example, the button itself is just a momentary contact switch.

Circuit/ microcontroller design wise, there is no “bad idea” when it comes to choosing to design program to use one or the other. Sometimes you just design around what you already have on hand, and other times it will simplify the code/ circuit needed to use one type of switch, or one switch type may be cheaper than the other or even just arrive faster. :person_shrugging:

Latching switches can sometimes physically wiggle open under heavy vibration. I would consider momentary to be better for esk8 in this regard.

Once you hit a pothole while in traffic and lose your brakes, you understand why.

Worth noting that some latching switches can be reversed so that the board is on when the button is ‘out’

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You are absolutely correct and I have had that happen myself several times due to vibrations + a switch that was slowly dying due to sparking. (interrupt switch between battery and ESC) I was speaking about it more in a general design view since we are usually not the ones making those design decisions.

I didn’t think to also answer that part based on esk8 use so thanks for mentioning it

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