Molicell P26A and P42A [SERIOUS]

Molicell P26A (18650) and P42A (21700)

If anyone has tried these cells, please let us know your experiences with them.

Also helpful if you have experience with the venerable Samsung 30Q for comparison purposes.


Where did you get the cells? Were they all from the same batch?

I got them from a flash sale on IMR all arrived at different voltages.

There good cell for the most part mostly bad on IMRs part. The only reason I used them is retuning them for my money back would have been more then what I bought then for.

@Flasher can you share you experience with them.


Sure thing.

Bought 96 p26a cells from imr during the 1.99/cell flash sale. Every single one arrived with blacked out info on the side.
25 under 2.0v
20 between 2.0v and 3.3v
51 were at 3.5v or 3.6v
Tried to contact them about this problem but I was received with radio silence.
Took the 51 + 9 of the lower ones that I manually charged back to the same level as the rest to at least have a 10s6p pack
Worked out pretty good…until it didn’t.
Then everything went south. One of the cells that I manually recharged to 3.6v was a dud. It internally caught fire and destroyed my build.

Imr is usually, from what I hear, a good source. But I would suggest not trusting such a deal. If it’s too good to be true, its gonna cost you.


I had gotten 10 pieces from them during the sale. 4 were under voltage. Used trickle charging to bring them back up. Measure internal resistance and capacities. They were exactly same as the healthy ones. Have been using them on my elofty board 10S5P without any issues, 300kms in.


This sounds to me like they might be all one-offs from different batches and weren’t manufactured in the same run, and might be why you have balancing issues. (mismatched IR)

Thanks for the information, I will avoid flash sales :smiley:

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Has anyone tried Molicell that weren’t from the flash sale?

Yeah sounds like the Molicels you got during the flash-sale were not class-a cells. Thats a hell of a trend to ignore (multiple cells undervoltage), but explains the dirt cheap price.

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They also aren’t an official molicel distributor

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They look like amazing cells from the claimed performance… I would love to see how they preform if the cells are actually new and all balanced correctly… I might to a build with them to check em out

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