Mobile Party Platform

I put this in the E-Bikes/One Wheel/Others category as it has nothing to do with ESk8 but it does involve the various components like battery(s), controllers, motors, gears, etc. And while I have some experience with this, the internet searching is resulting in my inability to find the “Sweet spot” or right equipment for my goal.

My idea is a mobile party platform, or MPP. If you’re a Dad like me, you’ve probably felt like a pack mule several times when on vacation and I’ve noticed a desire in recent years for folks to have their electronic equipment with them at all times - even on the beach. And you can buy beach carts with the big fat wheels, electric wheel barrow hubs, powered wheelbarrows for gardening - and the tracked platforms seem to be geared towards smaller robots or bots meant for fighting in a ring or competition. Nothing really set up for tailgating, beach parties, backyard parties, etc. Essentially having all of your party needs ready to go, just swing by the grocery store and get the perishable items. Thus, making the most and best use of the little time off we seem to have these days… I reached out to a robotics company but they wanted $25K for a prototype.

My MPP idea is basically mobile infrastructure designed to support partying anywhere / at any time. The design is simple enough in Fusion 360 using 8020 components and HDPE for working surfaces, etc. I did build a prototype a few years back with a canopy. Everything worked except the canopy so I’ve dropped that for now. Yeti and others make mobile power units which will be great to use for the MPP - essentially powering the entertainment and food preparation devices then I can use it with my home as well.

I’d like it to be on a tracked platform like this one: VTS elektrisch aangedreven rupsplatform - YouTube
but this is overkill. My thought is to be able to move a few hundred pounds and fit into the back of a standard 1500 short box pick up truck via ramps… A tracked platform should be able to go out onto the beach assuming the localities don’t ban it. Making a wheel based version first is the way to go?

I’m not sure of the right motor / gear combination? I thought about worm gears as it won’t move unless powered, but then again it won’t move unless powered. Intro to the Bafang Electric Wheelbarrow Motor - YouTube this looks promising which is what triggered my post. One on each side with a 36V battery and a dual VESC? Maybe MakerX DV6 or Stormcore? Maybe that’s too complicated as being able to control each independently is better and allows for turning, etc.

Anyway, thought I would post on here in case anyone is having trouble sleeping and wants to chime in :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I can mill aluminum pieces for the sprockets and such for the tracked platform. Need to determine which track I’ll use first. And am reading up on tensioners or how to tension the track once in place. Then a wheelbarrow hub motor to move it… Seems like a decent application for those… I should be fine making the battery for it as well once I determine the configuration.


That 30:1 ratio seems perfect to walk beside at a perfect pace.