Mixing different motor brands any good?

Hi just a curiosity about motor. Sounds like a bad idea but example let’s say u got 2 motors.
1: maytech 6374
2: Tb 6374
(Just picked 2 popular brand)
Will they work well together if u program ur Vesc settings the same.?

And is it a god idea to pair a brand new motor and a older one that gott a lot of miles but still working great?

It may be a god idea🙏


I don’t think it matters much as long as you set up the vesc properly and whatnot

Well when one of my primary motors went bad earlier this year i used 2 of my spare motors until i got a new 6384.

The spares was a used enertion R-spec 6374 190kv and a new flipsky 6374 190kv, they worked great togheter, just make sure that all the values during detection are close to eachoter and it shouldnt be a problem

the thing to avoid is forcing one motor to spin faster than it’s no load speed - because if you do the motor above its no load speed will be generating more voltage (back emf voltage) than your battery and above a certain voltage it can damage your controller.

as long as the gearing is adjusted for the specific motor at around top speed, this should not be an issue though, right?

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you want both wheels to go the same “virtual” ground speed at no load by adjusting the gear ratio if you use different kvs, to avoid producing higher voltage than your battery voltage from the motor which would be forced above its no load speed.

Same kv

15/36 gearing
50A motor

u need to check real kv to make sure gearing is correct. real kv differs between motors no matter what’s stated on the can

Just keep the kv’s the same and you’ll be fine.

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That’s not alawys the case even with the same exact motors

Indeed, that’s why i said “close to eachoter” and not “same to one another”

When I changed my first build from single to dual, I just added a second motor and no problem.

APS 6355 190kv as first motor then I added a Maytech 6355 190 kv.

I killed a bkb 6374 and put a tb 6355 in its place. Both 190kv. Put plenty of miles on it. Zero issues