Misaligned Motor Mount/Belt

So today I was just doing some work on my board and took both of my motors off to clean all the dirt. I put the motors back on and now something is misaligned and I have no clue what i could have done any different to make this all messed up.

The belt on one side is touching the motor mount and i dont know what to do to fix it.

If i move the motor mount over more (which i shouldent have to because it was perfectly fine this morning when i rode) it wouldn’t do anything besides misalign the other side and the other side is perfectly fine.

I tried to sand down the washer between the axle and the wheel and still the one side is misaligned.

Any ideas??

Did you adjust your motor pulleys?
The side you circled looks to have a lot more motor shaft sticking past the pulley than the other side.

Is the belt shifting to the inside of the pulley like that when you spin the wheel? Or do you just have it positioned like that?

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Is your right mount in the photo bent?

Bottom of can isn’t parallel to the hanger or perpendicular to the plate it looks like.

Maybe it’s not bent but just not mounted perpendicular to the hanger

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I had to take the motor pulleys off to take off the motor, but i put them back in the exact same spot.

These are 2 of the same motors just one motor has a longer shaft as they were bought at different times.

The belt will automatically just shift to the inside of the pulley, rubbing against the motor mount.

And when im riding and taking a turn i looked down and saw the gap appear then it goes back to touching to motor mount after the turn is over.

Try taking the belt and wheel off and seeing if that mount wiggles left to right on the motor end. Try with cross bar on and again off

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I tried that but the motor mount does not wiggle even a little bit, and the motor mounts are connected together so i dont see how only one would be so off

One could affect the other. As @Excess referenced, can you slide the pulley out a bit on the longer shafted one or is it loctited down?

I’m assuming the belt walks back on the pulley if you roll the wheel backwards?

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Make sure you mounts are centered on your trucks.

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