Mini remote ppm patchy signal

I am getting patchy signals where the mini remote disconnects then reconects straight away
Even when the receiver is out the enclosure I still have this problem

Please help

Fresh Batteries?

Edit try fresh alkaline. Not rechargeable.


Will try

Also does it matter that the wire from the vesc to the receiver is a very long one

come join us here. we are having fun :joy:

SO replaced wire and batteries and the signal is even worse I guess I need a new receiver

Ive seen this around but don’t know the reliability of it but you could try adding a ferrite bead to the cable.

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What exactly is that

So come to conclusion that receiver is broken

Was wondering if I could use any 2.4ghz receiver or has to be for this remote

Also could anyone link one

There are some linked in the thread.

I have run across bad receivers before, but they didn’t have these symptoms. Not saying it’s not broken. Those bad receivers I’ve come across USUALLY don’t work or power on once the bind plug is pulled.


So sometimes it decides to power up and often it doesn’t I have to put in the cable a couple times before it powers on

Also do you know where I can and buy just the receiver from

It’s in that thread in post 1. I don’t want to put the link here again in case it changes, then it only has to be changed in 1 place.


Sounds like a bad cable. You say you tried more than 1 cable?

The remotes are cheap on ebay/aliexpress, about $25-30usd. They’re sold split, about $15 each, but I dunno it’s so cheap, and good to have spares, no?

wow this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen

Might have to grab a few.

ebay UK search link:

Even cheaper on alie wow

Just software developer things lol

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Yeah so ordered a new one and I want to buy a cable but I don’t know what the receive rend of the cable is called
Any help there

It like an anal bead that blocks electrical interference


SO i need a jst-ph-2.0 which goes into the receiver on the other end

Anyone know where I can buy that

wanted your suggestions:

over last couple months i have bought tons of remotes and all have broken or died

vx1: receiver broke and they dont sell spares

nanox: charge port broke

mini remote: receiver broke

what do you guys think i should go for now

I see 3. Is 3 a ton?

These remotes are cheaply made, so they’ll break with abuse (or just use sometimes). I’d say get a few minis, I think they offer the best compromises.

PS I’m doubtful the receiver broke, leaning toward wiring fault, which may follow you to the next remote.


so i ordered new remote and the proper wire so i will see when it comes

also i am looking for a reliable remote which has some other functions and preferably not trigger