Miles Sex panther hit or miss?

Got an email for a deep discount on this board.
Pros and cons?
Powerful or not really?
Better than or not even close to these prebuilts:
Meepo Hurricane
Exway Atlas pro
Ownboard Zeus pro
Evolve Hadean
Aeres X1
BKB duo Type R

It’s a shit product with bullshit claims fueled by good advertising.


IMO get the BKB duo. It is the most powerful and customizable board on your list.

It is also a fantastic deal at $950 after the discount they are running.

People seem very happy with the zeus pro as well if you want a carbon deck.

The panther is a shitty toy in comparison.

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I heard that 60% of the time it works every time


Which board are you referring to?
Miles Sex panther
Zeus PRO
or BKB duo type R