Mighty dwarf, Tayto, 12s3p, Unity, dual 6355, Caliber II, MBS AT

This is my first actual DIY. My two other boards were pre-built that were then modified by me. I have a Landyacthz Evo and a Trampa Holypro 35 MTB. Both great boards but big and heavy.

So having gotten addicted to this hobby/means of commuting I convinced myself that I needed a smaller lighter board. The Tayto deck seemed to tick all the boxes for me (@JLabs) and having missed the EU group buy that was happening at the time (@bigben @moon) I asked if someone had changed his mind . Honestly I did not expect it but I got lucky (@Yecrtz )and ended up with a Tayto and @eboosted enclosure.

The battery was made by me and is a 12s3p with Samsung 30Q cells and a D140 charge only BMS. I chose 12s since both of my other boards run on 12s so no need to get another type of charger and complicate things.

Unfortunately the serial connection cables made the pack too thick to fit in the enclosure without a thick gasket so I had to modify the pack to fit as I wanted to keep the board as slim as possible.

The Unity was the last item to arrive (thanks @Indiangummy for his help. You rock dude.)

Initially I was planning to fix the battery, unity etc in the enclosure but space was limited and opening and closing it would be very difficult so I decided to fix them on the deck.

Bought some self adhesive velcro (yes the actual brand :grinning:) and went to town. I can’t even remember how many times I shortened the motor wires etc until everything fit nicely.

The trucks are my old Caliber II 50 I had on my Evo as well as the motor mounts, sealed Maytech 6355 190kv motors and MBS AT 100mm wheels. Bushings are Riptide barrel krank (93a rear / 90a front) @Alphamail

Staying with the minimal theme I only put a charging port and a switch on the enclosure.

The board is finally finished.

I have only taken it for a short ride so far but it seems very stable and is a powerhouse. Will report more when I have a few more km on it. Carrying it is a dream. I never thought I would be so happy mall grabbing a board :smirk: and the tail along with the short wheelbase makes it sooooo maneuverable.


Looking forward to a pretty similar project soon as well. Nice to see how you made all that wiring.

Came out pretty nice!


Arranging the wiring was probably the most difficult part of this build. I thought I had all the space in the world until I actually tried to close the enclosure with everything in it for the first time.

It was a WTF moment.


That thing looks so clean if you have black wheels it would be super stealth. I like the orange pop of color on it though.

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Yeah, I would love to have a set of Ollin Popoca.

Unfortunately $35 for the wheels + $35 shipping + getting raped by customs :sweat: means the orange MBS will have to do for now.

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I just checked sickboards and thought they are around 70€ there, but they 85€ and out of stock anyways :unamused:. But in case you always have the opportunity to get them shipped to somebody local in the US and they reship them than. I think shipping national is like 5-8$.

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Yeah I got a set of the Popoca’s but I havent gotten around to putting them on my board yet.

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How much shipped to Greece? :smiley:

I didn’t say I would ship them to you just that I had them. :laughing:


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Whaaaaat was this than???


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@Andy87 this is what I said.

Sending them without a shipping account would probably be more than $35.00. More places seem to be getting the boa wheels so that would probably be the next best option cause the popoca are going to be $70

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No it was not. I saw it too :joy: Classic example of a ninja edit.

Lololol, @Andy87 is playing you like a fiddle :sunglasses:

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@Briman you are a bloody beginner… got ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: don’t take everything to serious :wink:

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I don’t take anything you say serious. Mainly because your Russian and probably were the hack the got trumpy elected just so you could get parts from the US cheaper by some deal trumpy made with putin. :rofl:

Changed to Oranagatang Caguamas and put some deck protectors on.


how do rate the difference in feel with those cags on?

Slightly better. What I lost in diameter, I gained in PU plushness so not much difference.

The truth is that a) my roads are not suited to PU and b) the Tayto is a short deck.

This means you are essentially standing above the trucks so all the vibrations from the road pass directly to your feet.

They did make the board lighter and lower to the ground so that is a win.


@taz Update us man, this build is awesome and thIs thread shouldnt die


Thanks mate.
Not much to say really.
This one is the least favourite of my boards, so I don’t use it much apart from when I want to run a quick errant nearby. Even then I will prefer to use one of my other boards.
Honestly, if I didn’t like so much the way it looks, I would have sold it.

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