Micro Mobility Winter Game 2020 / 7,8,9 February 2020

MMWG 2020
Go check it out if you are in the area…electric skateboard competition and more are plan in 8000 m of indoor area with kart race, agility freestyle, etc…

  • Belgium Brussels, “Tour et Taxi”
  • It happens the 7,8,9 February 2020
  • You need to be there if you want to share your passion and take it to the next level
  • http://www.belgiumwheelers.club/
  • is it free to visit but cost to compete in pre order at 20€ and 30 € at the event.

So since this is not quite clear from the info for quite some people I will ask it here.

On the Info and flyer it states " Free entry for visitors & Paid entry for competitors"

So if I bring someone with me that will not ride but just watch I do not pay entry fee for that person.

What for the people who come and will only ride for fun and not compete?

From the stated info they also do not need to pay entry fee correct?


I mean they rented the place so you’ll just have to pay I guess


Thats the thing everyone is guessing at that part, but would like to know for sure.

I have no problem buying an entry ticket but the link in their FB is only to register for competitors, making it so that incase recreational riders can not benefit from the pre-sale discount.

@MarkOneBoards @Sebas So I am going to try to clarify the situation… For the person that come just to watch and do no ride there is no entrance fee : it is totally free.

For the person that come to ride at the event (competition is a plus, but not mandatory to access the infrastructure) : he must pay the entrance fee as mention like 20€ was in pre order and 30€ on site.

I just had a discussion with the organistor about that subject. So everyone that have paid is allowed in the kart racing track, agility and every place to ride and discover other means of transportation. Mainly for assurance purpose and organisation.

Hope this answer your questions …


@Mainflow you’re not by any chance going there by car and want to fetch me half way? :slight_smile:


Thank you for clarification very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Im really looking forward to it :smiley:

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So am I …see you there !

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Not by any chance. But I’m in Amsterdam in April.:slight_smile:

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One last question, on saturday and sunday what are the opening times?

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Hi Mark, here is some detailed informations about how it is going to be.

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David Bonde 1rst Qualifier run.
Not able to stay for the finals.
Sets quick time by 1.89 seconds over a 2lap count In Second Qualifying run.
:checkered_flag: Guess this settles what is quicker on the track. EU, Scooter, Esk8


That looks crazy, im very jealous. should of booked the time off.

Cant believe hes the only real esk8 that is faster than a onewheel


@ducktaperules He mentioned the one wheel guy was on a Laqroix and other on a Carbon GT


Yes it’s placed in the wrong group, onewheel should be esk8

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@MarkOneBoards I am deceive by the lack of communication …you could at least have sent me some information about the fact you wouldn’t come at the end.

see your pm, I had unforseen events making it that i could not attend the meeting in Brussels.

was communicated in our whatsapp group…

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