[MI, US] WTB Flipsky VX1 or VX2 or any decent remotes. [closed]

Looking to get some remotes. Particularly a flipsky from someone shipping out of America would be great.

I already have a nano X and TB nano.

Show me what you got!

Amazon delivered my vx2 next day. Just FYI. Full price, though.

You got a link for the one you ordered ?

Looks like they are out today. They have the vx1, though.

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Vx1 out of stock till June 20th. Was my first option but figured I’d look for something on here first.


Shit, sorry.

Edit: heads up a friend just messaged me and said that I linked the non pro version. I paid the same price through this company and it was the pro. Might be worth a call since the flipsky stuff isn’t their main game.

Happened to check their website and vx2 is listed as deal of the day. Appears as if in stock.


I’m in Missouri and have a vx1 I hardly used.
Can sell it to you for 40 bucks shipped.
Has the cables for 4.12 hardware.

I would not be able to ship it until Friday though… I’m about to head to a cabin for Vacation…


Do NOT get that listing. That is the VX2 and not the VX2 Pro. The original VX2 is shit.
Edit: Oh I see you already noticed
The fact it makes you select MPH/KPH suggests it might be the non-pro because the pro lets you switch between them.