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Metr Pro Updates

Hi @rpasichnyk I updated 2 of my boards to FW 3.62 and now I can’t read the settings of the 2nd vesc in each board in the expert section.

Both are dual setups.
I also get a signature check failed error.

Any idea what I messed up?

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Maybe it’s your CAN ID that reset in the update? :blush:

Can you please try again and send logs from Met app -> Settings -> Show Logs?

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How do I switch the web view track from imperial to the correct metric values?

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tap it


For those that haven’t seen “The Definitive Guide to Metr App / Metr Pro” before, here it is linked again:

There you find an animated gif that shows how to switch between metric and imperial for an example.

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Sent to the support email. Thanks for the help.

Thank you, I can see that there is a problem with Metr App Expert tab writing App Configuration to VESC FW3.62. I will fix it right now!


Thanks a ton. Your stuff is awesome!
This is why I I’ve got a Metr Pro in all my builds.


Quick feedback of this amazing module :
I built a board for a friend. He told me having little power cuts.
Metr Pro installed, quick ride back and forth in the street, analysed the logs, found the issue. :heart_eyes:

This module is sooooooo powerful, thanks Roman and Dario !


Great you got the problem figured out quickly. Thanks for these kind words.:relaxed:


Thanks for the update!
No errors now, and I can read both Vesc’s in expert mode.


Question for anyone versed in Metr. What is an ABS over current fault? I keep getting these but only when I am not standing on the board. If I pick up the board and try to give it throttle, it seems like they cut out and do a weird pulsing action and the Metr records an ABS over current. When I am standing on the board and riding everything is normal, 3 days so far no fault or errors no cut outside. I am running the original flipsky dual fsesc 6.6 the big one. If anyone could let me know what is up, I would appriciate it!

This is really just a general VESC firmware error the metr is just relaying the message (don’t shoot the messenger :smiley: ). Maybe you can share your logs somewhere (google drive, dropbox, or PM directly if you don’t want it public) and can see if any more detail can be seen, appears it only gets thrown if the current is over the max absolute current in the configuration

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Can you share your vesc settings? I would start limiting the max current

Im having metr problems. When I ride I can see the speed in real time, but it does not record the speed in the records

How do your location settings look like?

I have had the same metr config working for 6+months. Now its not, I think it’s a fsesc problem, strange that it’ll show my mph but not distance or log. I’ll check to see if the gps settings got changed somehow

A sneak peek on a new big feature coming soon :wink:


Finally. :slight_smile: