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Metr Pro Updates

Exactly. I also only have the pcb antenna. That thing is buried under cables and packed betweens vescs, enclosed in a box + me in the way, riding regular with the phone in my left pocket.

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I ride goofy and phone in my right pocket lol perfect signal

How do I get my METR app in black mode like that?

Update on my issue - it seems to be fixed by the latest Android update to v4.5.18

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I had big connection / timeout problems at the beginning with mine, but he fixed it with a firmware update so I’m not sure exactly what it was

Since then it’s been great. One of these days I’ll update my build thread lol it’s due for some info


Coming in the next update :slight_smile:

:battery: LLT BMS Support

Instructions on how to setup are here The Definitive Guide to Metr App / Metr Pro

Thanks to @mackann for providing Ferrari board with the BMS, @janpom and @Cghelobubba for sharing the source code!


Do I see what I see?

Hell yeah I do see what I see. :smirk:


Wow, that was quick! That’s great.


Oh hell ya!!!


Awesome, finally a good app for this BMS! From the guide it sounds like I need a metr pro as well to get it to work tho? I can’t afford one right now :cry:

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Yayyy now I don’t have to open a separate app to check cell voltages

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nice. 2 questions.

  1. will logged data use vesc voltage data or now use this data?

  2. when can we get it :grin:

Cant with to set this up on my 18s stormcore test board.


The amounts of stuff and updates metr pro gets… Now I am really laughing when Trampa was saying that metr module was a totally unnecessary piece of electronics as they sell the nrf module that does the same… lol… metr is so much more better with so many things on top, hard to copare… Big respect Roman


Oh yeah no comparison between a standard bluetooth module and metr. The integration and tracking is next level. Besides with integration into the super popular LTT smart bms, why use any other app lol

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I am.dying for metr SD card version :pray:


You’re gonna like it!


You lucky bastard :joy::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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Any idea when it will be released for us mortals?


Unfortunately not :no_mouth:

Some updates on Metr Pro CAN. It is in the final stages of testing, has now all the features of Metr Pro plus more:

  • doesn’t occupy UART port
  • needs even less setup, CAN is always enabled
  • works on default CAN baud rate 500K, but also supports 1M/250k/125k
  • stackable design, base model is very compact
  • both PCB and external antenna options will be available
  • SD card shield with RTC and optional GPS module
  • DAVEGA X integration

We will let you know when it’s ready to order in about a month :slight_smile: