Metal Gear (printed) Solid

I never played the video game, but I watched 3.5 hour YT critique on the matter.

I am printing parts for another project in BASF Ultrafuse 17-4 PH Metal Filament (its a grade of stainless steel below 316).

I have two Kg of the filament, came from US distributor, Matterhackers.
Matter Hackers BASF 17-4PH filament

See attached references for instructions and design recommendations
Process-Instructions-Ultrafuse-17-4-PH.pdf (43.7 KB)
Ultrafuse_17-4PH_TDS_EN_v1.1.pdf (221.0 KB)
Ultrafuse_metal_User_Guideline.pdf (4.6 MB)

printing on a Bambu x1C, engineering plate, filament is in an enclosed dry box/warmer at 50c.
room is warmed to 80c with a programable PTC space heater.

I am scaling parts to 120% on x and y an 124% on Z per manufacturer recs.

print settings. 100% infill with aligned rectilinear to avoid over extrusion
0.16mm Optimal @BBL X1C - for metal.json (780 Bytes)

filament settings.
metal based on petg.json (1.3 KB)

pics of sliced pinion and an unscaled pinion for general reference (yes, that pinion is 60gms and cost about 10$ in filament)

the printer and set up:

Critically, parts are limited to 100mm^3 in the green, unprocessed state. they will shrink. basically I can print parts with finished dimensions containted by an 80mm^3 envelope. keep your panties on, no one is printing trucks or wheel hubs (or pew pews) anytime soon.

expect a few more info dumps (largely as a reference for future me). ill conclude with results and lessons learned.


not happy about the filament from calibration that snagged the nozzle.

various purges for references

charts of room temps from a wifi temp tracker named “sensorpush”.

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My P1s was on a bad firmware version that caused some weird retraction issues, clogging my only hardened 0.4mm nozzle with petg-cf

Upgrade your firmware recently? I know x1c firmware is different but it’s worth asking.

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after Bambu disable rollbacks, I purposely haven’t updated. maybe I should, ill get my custom firmware eventually.

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My P1s still has firmware rollbacks… Bambu also embraced the custom firmware. You can get a special unlocked firmware from them by just waiving your warranty , if there’s any left.

The gears are cool but what I really want is a printed steel dickasaurus Rex


I printed a decent size Dickasaurus Rex that lives on my roommates computer. It’s pretty great.


A phallus will be sent for processing. Not many pics of real user prints are available online. It will be a watermark. I’ll trade discounts on future filament for sanitized print pics.

Accepting nsfw step files that are otherwise forum okay. Peen/esk8 themed. Volume approx 2 stacked dice. Will send you one.