Meepo Vader/Ultra X 300$ coupon for tubeless tires

Hey guys, a couple friends of mine asked me to talk with Kieran if it’s possible to get the Vader with the tubeless tires instead of the racing tires for the same price. So I did ask him and he told me that he can do a one time 300$ off coupon for the Ultra X to spec it like the Vader just with the tubeless tires. So if you are interested in a Vader with tubless tires shoot me a pm and I will ask Kieran for the one time coupon for you.

I do not receive any kickbacks from the coupon.

wtf is the Vader or Ultra X

E: Hurricane 1.5 it seems


Hey Chricious,

I saw your post about the meepo vader tubeless tires coupon code and was interested in that deal. Is a code still available for that?


Hey, Ive been lurking this forum for a while and finally made an account. Do you know if the tubeless coupon code is still running?

Thanks so much!

I still don’t quite get it, so what’s the difference from the regular Meepo tubeless wheels?