Meepo Mini 2 ER, Meepo 105 Cloudwheels, Accessories+

[US] A great mini board for getting around a city or college campus

Meepo Mini 2 ER
Here’s a list
-Remote, Micro USB Charger
-3A charger
-Extra Power Button
-Riptide Krank Barrel Bushings, 1 set 87a, 1 set 90a
-Riptide Ride pivot cups, 100a + stickers
-Original Meepo bushings and pivot cups, 100a
-Shredlights R1 Lights x2 with dual USB-C charging cable
-Shredlights Light Mounts, 2 sets standard, 1 set extend, 1 set flat + stickers
-Vicisous Griptape (New, Unapplied)
-Deck guards (used)
-3mm rubber deck risers x2

Some board facts:
-Deck is stained barn red and bottom is spray painted black
-ESC has 57 miles on it and the motors and wheels have less than that
-I have gotten about 17miles of range
-I topped on 23mph, but that has plenty enough for me. There was still more throttle to pull.
-Board has a USB-A for charging, even the remote and lights
-Battery level indicator

Price ($900 USD) (Negotiable)


The battery is a 10s2p Samsung 40t pack
-288 Wh


I changed the listing on Facebook Marketplace to $800, so the negotiating price is also $800 here

Would you sell just the lights