Meepo Hurricane parts

[DE] Meepo Hurricane parts for sale

  1. Hurricane ESC 70a Version

Used this ESC that came with the Board for 7 months, before upgrading to the 100a ESC. Never had any issues with the ESC.

Price: 70 Euro

  1. Hurricane Charger

This charger came with the board, but Meepo decided to send me a new charger (together with a new battery), so I have this one spare. Has only been used for 2 months, never had any issues with it.

Price: 60 Euro

  1. I might be able to sell a Hurricane battery including upgraded BMS (Daly). Battery has around 1800kms on the clock. Battery still sits at @Simeon, BMS not yet integrated. Just checking if there is anyone who would be interested, as I have no use for it for now. Price and details to be discussed.



Do you know if the Hurricane ESC works with any motors or they must be meepo ones?

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i think it’s a hobbywing, so any similar motors should be ok

someone smarter than me may be able to confirm

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It’s a Lingyi ESC, but not sure about the motor compatibiity.

Hurricane motors and ESC feature one less wire than Flipsky motors. Guessing that is the temp wire.


But if it’s smart ESC it will detect any motor? It will be interesting to know that.

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Would be great if someone had a reliable answer to your question, I’d like to know that as well.


I don’t know. But my educated guess is no because you can’t run motor detection like you would have to do in any VESC based ESC. Likely have to stick to similar sized motors.

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it will work with motor that has roughly 170kv (meepo’s DXW motor are 165kv)

but u need to make sure the phase wire and sensor wire are wired correctly, or else it will just cog like crazy

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tempted to buy this to get my eovan working again. I repinned the 170kv 6374 motors


I bought the Verreal ESC 12s one for my Eovan and it worked, but my motors are 6368 170kv. I had to change the sensor cables order and it works very well.
This one:

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For that price why not just get a VESC?

You can’t buy a VESC with remote for that price. For this board it’s like plug&play.
I use VESC for other boards

I see $200 VESCs sold all the time around here, and a cheap VESC remote is 30-40 dollars. I feel ya tho

For the Eovan I have I just have plug esc, change the sensor cables order and run. I was wondering to install a VESC and didn’t find any arroud this price so went for this one and it worked great. The only weak of it is the brakes because you can’t regulate them like the VESC, but they work quite well for what I use this deck.

Does the ESC come with the remote? I can’t remember if it’s easy/possible to pair them with new ones

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Easy peasy (Meepo M4S remote)

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No, the ESC doesn’t come with a remote. As @superjet700 said, the M4S remote from Meepo works basically plug&play. I’d go for the newer M5S though, more ergonomic and a few new functions, and same price.

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I think the functionality is the same. New stuff is USB-C and better signal (they say).

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I was so sure they had to add at least one new function when releasing a new remote, I didn’t even check :partying_face: