Meepo 100mm front wheels any good?

Since the boas are still out of stock everywhere, how do the meepo 100mm wheels compare?

Are they comparable to the typical “crap chinese clones”
What about boas, abec, TB110, elofty, papocas, ect?

Cant even tell if they are abec core or their own core pattern…
At $50 for 4 wheels, cant really go wrong if you want 100mm wheels.


Seems like ABEC clone core to me?

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Looks like the wider abec clone cores to me


Only one way to find out?

Rumor has it they come from the same factory as the new boosted stealth wheels. Which are “shit” but in the grand scheme not that bad. Most things seem shit when you compare them to Labeda thane.

While we’re on the topic. Boa has ONE product… how fucking hard can it be to take your profits from the first run and put them into another run? That was a trick question btw, the profits sunk into the deep dark pit of their fantasy skateboard company.


I’ve bought them.
Don’t have anything to compare em to but 90 ABEC clones.

Core fits thightly to ABEC Adapters

Uretane for sure aint “squishy”.

Since those are the only 100mm wheels one can get atm and for the price i’d say the are excellent


I have them as front wheels. They are pretty good for what they are - abec clones.

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Just to be precise. The ABEC adapter has been made to fit both clone and original core :blush:. With other pulleys the wheels will only fit clone or original core adapter based on what core they use. Just look at the core and if they have large spoke then is clone or thin spoke for original.

Just try fitting an APS ABEC Adapter that I have to the wheels and it fits snuggly as does yours @rey8801.

Take a front picture of the wheel only with natural light at the back and it’s easy to see the type of core.

It should be clone core since the adapters fit is that snug…

Hmmmm why are these tempting me so much? TB110s and change my pulleys or some nice cheap 100mm wheels. @rey8801 what is a man suppose to do?

@Flozilla are they actually 100mm or 97mm diameter ?

Yeh clone for sure :wink:

Depends what you need the wheels for. Which Pulley you have ecc… To me 100mm wheels is better but like popoca quality, boa ecc… Otherwise the soft original ABEC are also good. I don’t know if it is just my impression but the kegel core seems smaller and therefore more urethane for same diameter wheels. Anyhow I tried quite some clone and they are day and night compare to popoca or now TB110mm. The latest are great wheels, a bit too big but they have been made for Esk8 purpose only.

Cant properly photograph it but yes solid 100mm diameter.
the wowgos are comparable to kegels

But those are 90mm…


yes but the the thane is pretty nice