MeepHo AT | Meepo v1 | DickyHo 6374s | Meepo v1 Hub ESC | 10s2p | Long Paris Clones | 6x2 Sollids | Ghetto Build

The idea for this build came from @BillGordon reusing his old Meepo style ESC with his eLofty directs.
Around the same time the forestry commission created a really good quality path, a little sad since it replaced a ‘true off-road’ trail I used with my Baseboard a few times.

Didn’t want to pull apart a working build to make something so decided to raid my parts pile.and my much neglected v1 Meepo deck-swap.

I needed something"

  • for light use
  • I could carry slightly dirty through someone else’s house
  • not spend anything on parts

I present the MeepoHo AT - ghetto Meepo / @dickyho mashup :blush:

  • Meepo v1 deck - I turned it over so it had a concave rather than a convex
  • Dual DickyHo 6374 - from my parts bin
  • Meepo v1 Hub ESC - with the old v1 remote you can see the LEDs on lol
  • Past end of life Meepo v1 10s2p - total junk battery!
  • Long Paris Clones
  • 6x2 Solids

I used it for about 3 days and boy was it fun BUT only on that one path was meh on the roads but bearable the 44T pulleys it had before - it did overheat uphill at full throttle but I was proud the old ESC had anything like this in her lol

As for its battery life, it feels like a drone 'fun for 5mins then you have to charge again style I would consider it much like a drone, I get about 30mins fun then its just pitiful ,

since then got some 66t its really boring on the road and yet to test on ‘its path’ but its much more sensible than the 44ts I had on it)

on the back 20

on the front 6

on the one path this board my world, BUT only for 30mins at a time and for this usecase IE while I’m hanging out at my non skateboarding friends house I think keeps me social lol

I had a fall Wile E Coyote style, bailed thinking ‘that young tree will never hurt and I’ll just bounce off it’ I didn’t… I ran into it… it bent over… almost snapped then bent back slamming me to the ground…- full body amour in forests in future for me :slight_smile:


Gear gear recycling and nice crash ahahahaha
Btw how are Dicky’s motors?


The motors are pretty decent, really good value… used 3 sets so far and have loosened magnets in 1 after smashing can into a kerb, i mounted too low trying to give myself more clearance on my Evo enc… any motor taking a direct hit I expect damage, I will post some pics when I get around to open it, not sure I’ve seen any opened yet


You put it up! That’s a great purpose-built scrapper with an apt name. I’ll never have just one board, so the “having different tools for different jobs” resonates.

Really enjoyed that.


Inspiring. Never thought of posting threads about my part bin recycling. That stack was awesome btw. Kind of a lost market re purposing. Lots of guys and gals would be interested in cutting and shutting pre builts. I’ll think on it. Nice one man.


I still think of my cheap Chinese parts as eSk8 Lego, check voltages then slap them together, and your off lol

Its made me look at my ‘crap pile’ differently :smile:


I have been swapping crappy chinese parts around for ages. I have a meepo focbox hybrid or focpo as its affectionately known. Cool little shopping trolley. I ran those meepo hubs at silly amps and yea they got a bit hot…melt the urethane hot but fun. Its the batteries that let those things down everytime. If they put decent cells in them then we could really diy. I have killed more bms’s than any other part in those chinese boards. 12amp some of them. Righto


I was tempted to buy the meepo 30t battery with enc for 310$ for this and give it some flipsky 4.12 I have spare … I stopped myself and decided to build a one motor utility all weather build with it instead…starting to realize anything ridable increases my ‘Esk8 quality of life’ way more than Knowing I have spare parts just in case :smile:

Edit: You’ve got me started wondering if I can throw together a meepo hub build before lunch lol


Mate I feel you. Charger shit out for my only diy. (I sell things.)
Had just a stock meepo for 3 weeks. So fucking what? I rode that little thing to death.
I now have 3 concurrent builds going so that won’t ever happen again.

Probably sell them though

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