MBS War and Pieces. Matrix II | lacroix 6384 190kv | stormcore 60 | pelican 1170 lunchbox | 200x50 mbs rockstar II | 72t/18t | 14ah tattu 6sx2 | gt2b

I put @klaus79856 board together and used some of my gear.

Started Monday.

Drilled, tapped, reamed, and countersinked reacher motor plates to fit lacroix pattern. Did NOT use long Motor set screws that could bite into windings.

Lunchbox held on by 3 points instead of 2 or 4 with dense motor can shipping foam as a deck/battery housing case interface.

Lunchbox is tiny and barely fits lipos, esc, and gt2b receiver. Pelican 1170 Case With Foam (Black) https://a.co/d/43bOdHQ


I’m going to cut the nose and tail bc I’m concerned about wheel bite if I put hellcat wides on it. I’ll buy Klause a replacement.

Unity momentary button worked perfectly in lieu of the stormcore 5 or 6 pin monetary switch.

I think these are the motor mounts.

Phase wire routing ain’t pretty, but it’s my first channel AT board and I intend to ride it hard in the desert.

Has a handle, unfortunately it’s not Samsonite.

Mbs 72t pulleys are okay. Uses 430 HTD 5M belts (the same belt for the 8 motor build). 18t motor pulleys,

Need to armor tire tubes (cactus), rig lipo cooling (105 F today), wrap the white Graphics in black vinyl, attempt an ESC heat sink and install buck converter for night red lights. (You people with fuck-off bright, unfocused, white lights can’t come).


Can’t wait to see how you like this setup


This looks awesome! Should be perfect for its intended use. I too have the beginnings of a similar build. No desert here, but some great utility trails I can’t wait to destroy haha. Cool build. Crazy how fast you can put one together.


I forgot that locked in feeling from soft binding straps. Makes my knee tendons nervous.


Having a full garage and all my tools helps. Also had access to 3 other builders parts. Long story.

Repeating “wheels must spin, wheels must spin, wheels must spin…” in your head while building helps speed things up.

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Haha. I’ll keep that in mind. I wish I had a long period of time I could just build. Sadly, I can only take little stabs at it once everyone in the house has gone to bed…

Awesome build man! We share a ton of similar parts :slight_smile:

(Your post might have given me the motivation to finally update/publish my thread)

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There was a mud.



Looks like pickle Rick tried to catch a ride on my hand



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@Kaly a few years late, but I’m rolling on wides.


So I was doing desert things and I was struggling in the deep loose sand at the banks of dry washes.

I thought, “maybe more motors?” :thinking:

Reasonable, shut up. It is.

I ordered another two 72t wheel pulley from mbs. But in the mean time….

These are ancient evolve AT 72t pulleys meant for things like this board. It struggled so hard on flat pavement. It will live on don’t worry.

If you can’t tell, fuck no, those shouldn’t fit. But they do. Same as mbs 72.

Carefully drilled and hacked.

I’m (almost) done tinkering with the emtb. Back to the other board with a few more motors. :love_you_gesture:




I picked up Sydney’s board and mine was lighter. He’s got a street integrated deck. 12s3p 21700 something and 2 6374s.

I’m going to stick to 2wd and fix my drive ratio. When I snap a belt, I’m going Apex jump drive.

Stormcore got strange in heat and I got to walk half a mile in the heat. It’s out. Unity is smaller and pretty damn ok.

Routing channels for phase and sense wires.


Diyelectric skateboard has aluminum pulleys for 10 dollars

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I had a remote hiccup. (Wasn’t fail safe, I bent down to grab something out bag and hit full throttle with glove hand… I think). Board ran away, hit a bank, 3/4 flip, cleared 20ft. Scratches, but worked fine after.

I wish I had video. That was the most intense thing I’ve seen happen to an esk8 short of flaming 18650 shooting out of the enclosure.


Dayum. I know it’s not supposed to be funny, but for some reason I can’t stop laughing at the mental image of all that shit happening just like you described, but with you locked into the bindings and riding it out to its conclusion. Of course my brain added some skate buddies standing there watching and thinking you did it all on purpose.


“Do a kickflip!”


Second pulley printed. I’m going to rock all printed spin things tomorrow.



Here’s a neighborhood run. There is some desert, but you can always see hardball road. All spin parts were printed by me. This was a cooler evening in the mid 80s.