MBS Matrix II Bushings

Hi guys. I have seen talk on here about adding riptide bushings to the MBS Matrix II trucks. I did not know that the Matrix II had bushings. I thought that was replaced by the shock blocks. I am wondering if they are referring to the shock blocks when they say “bushings” or if there are actually bushings on it. If there are, are the bushings connected to the axel? Or where?

I know this is a noob DIY question but would appreciate the help.

FWIW I have a DIY skateboard on a bro 96 deck with the Matrix IIs (profile pic). It was built by a friend of mine that builds lots of boards regularly, so I did not build it myself. I am trying to more familiarize myself with the technicalities of it all.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, the shock blocks are considered the bushings on those trucks.

You can try and find Radium adapters that allow you to run Riptide bushings designed for Lacroix Hypertrucks. Definitely an improvement over the stock yellow, orange, and red choices.



Well shit, yes you got me there. I forget those are even on those trucks.

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The plot thickens :rofl: i always thought those bits were bushes rather than bushings

They are in the AU store



Getting the Radium adapter and Riptide bushings is a huge upgrade for the Matrix II.

Don’t wait any longer to do it.

If you are in the US I even have a set I’ll sell you.

Riptide is the truth!!!


These are the washer thingies…

What part of the truck do these go in? I just had the trucks taken apart to replace the mounting screws and I didn’t see these.

They sit inside the baseplate. The Kingpin goes through them


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Do these affect how the board carves? Are there other brands like Riptide that make ones to help with carving?

If you have the plastic baseplates they don’t use bushings IIRC, since the baseplate itself acts as the bushing.