MBS Matrix 2 Bushings - None in USA?

So from what I can tell https://www.mbs.com and other major US retailers do not carry the black bushings for Matrix 2’s. If I recall correctly there was some discussion of brass bushings and their potential. It would be cool to find some of those.

@MBS Do you sell replacement bushings?

In the meantime I’ll measure mine since I don’t think they’re too beat up.

Black bushings?!


I second that…

And woot for me for still having the most expensive MBS board they sell lol.


these things, but for the trucks everyone uses


Oh my! That’s a typo on the site. Those are DEFINITELY compatible with the Matrix II trucks. I’ll get them to fix asap.


Cool! I’ll order some of those then. Thanks for the clarification!

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Thanks for pointing it out!

Are these different than the ones that come with the matrix 2 trucks?