Mbs hubs on trampa vertigo trucks

Just wanting to double check. I am currently running an etoxx Maxi drive 8/50 on my board and I’m wNting to replace it with a belt drive 4:1 ratio and water to know if mbs hubs will fit on trampa vertigo trucks. I just want to order 2 rear mbs hubs and a belt kit to test some ratios out to see if I like it and this would be a cheaper alternative instead of getting new trucks as well I was wondering if I could so this or if I need anything special like different bearings or something etc.

Everything fits but you have to use shorter spacers on the axle because the bearing to bearing distance on MBS hubs is a few mm more than Trampa. If I remember right it’s 4.5mm. Other than that no problem if you have the added space for the drivetrain.

Good for you because I have all parts laying around :grin:
Pics are better than words so here we go

Superstar on Vertigo

Rockstar II on Vertigo

Both pics use the standard 18.2mm Trampa spacer.