Mbs f5 sink plate

Lost one of my anti-sink plates for my mbs bindings and can’t find anything online. Bit of a long shot but anyone know where I can get some from

I’m not aware of any anti sink plates for the bindings. Mine are just countersunk flush into the deck. Do you mean the L bracket on the top?

It’s just a plate that sits on the ladders for the bindings

I think the chances are really low of you finding someone who has a spare plate. My two suggestions for you are:

  1. Talk to @MBS, either here on the forum or email them. They might have spares.

  2. If that doesn’t work, then you can make your own. The way I would do that is to draw up the 2D shape of the plate in a free CAD software (I like Fusion360), export the 2D shape as a .dxf file, upload that to sendcutsend.com, and have them laser cut it for you out of whatever material you want. It would probably cost less than $5 for one piece.

Alternatively you can buy some flat steel bar stock from your local hardware store and cut/shape/drill it yourself, but that’s gonna be a lot of work.


You could do as previously mentioned using sendcutsend.com. Or if you need it ASAP, make one yourself.

That’s an extremely easy piece to make, even with basic tools. If you were close to me, I’d make you one on my lunch break.

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I knew it was a long shot, hopefully I find it, I’m in England so I don’t think it would be easy to use the website but thanks for the help guys

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I dare say you could get away with two beefy washers. I’m not sure you’re losing much vs a purpose built plate like that.

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If you in UK you could try to contact ATB shop.
They don’t have the plates listed, but it’s worth a try to ask. Maybe they can help you out.


Great idea, I’ll message Stu now :crossed_fingers:t4:

Yes, hopefully ATB shop can get some from Maxtrack. I have some here in Aus, but the shipping would likely be more than the cost to custom laser cut per others’ advice. If you get in a bind and need something sent from Aus let me know.