Mbs comp 90 diy flaps

Hello guys,

Just thought I’d share my ongoing project, a set of flaps/wings for my MBS comp 90 deck.

After deciding that binding are only good for off-road (at least for this old guy) and realising that the MBS deck is way too narrow to be used without bindings, I found this solution, have a look at the beta.

These are laser cut from 3mm alu, and bolted onto the deck using threaded inserts. To work out the shape I first made a paper jig and then designed it on CAD, together with some personalized countersunk plates, and some other parts, for less than 60 quids.

Next I am going to fill all the gaps using cork, but what’s more important, actually absolutely vital, is adding some concave, then griptape all over it.

Comments are very much welcome, and get in touch of you need laser cut stuff in London UK.


What about getting a wider board… It seems to me like 60 quid for that is a lot to spend on it.


But what other mountainboard would you get that is 30cm wide?

Plus, if i go buy stuff is not as fun :sweat_smile:


I know this post didn’t get much popularity, bit still wanted to show my progress…


Is that a layer of cork on the deck? Very nice :ok_hand:

Also, i like the haircut you gave the deck!


Yes it’s 3mm cork.

The haircut made a huge difference in terms of look, and with the trucks on looks even better!

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