MBS ATS.12 truck motor mounts plus pulleys (USA)

These are brand new. I just bolted these up and decided to go another route. The mounts are from ATC, I will link below. The mount was $110. I am including pulleys with bearings. Shoulder bolts cost $40 and bearings were $20. I also 3D printed roller sleeves which I am including. Asking only $90 shipped.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can also see from my build thread that the board is not even complete yet, which means these mounts were just bolted up.




Too late, alr ordered somewhere

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Maybe @esk8manbabes

Still available. Make me an offer. Thanks.

Still available.

Is that 90 for both?


Someone get this already! that mount is discontinued no longer available.


are these still available?

Hello would it be possible to get the 3D model of this motor mount?
I would be very happy.strong text

hey dude, are these still available?

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Do you think they would fit these trucks?

this sale threa is pretty old…
FYI these are for ATS style MBS trucks

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Yeah but since we’re here @Z408 posted a day ago

Juuust in case anyone needs some mounts for these trucks still.

Ooooh crossbars too


Heck yeah

Pocket sand! You saw nothing!

Items have been sold.

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