Mboards 6485 173 KV motors

For my next board, I am looking to get the Mboards Flowstate. I am stuck between the 190kv and the 173 kv motor options. I have the 190 kvs on my current board so I am familiar with them.

Can anyone tell me about the 173 kv and how they compare? They are more expensive, so there has to be a reason why. I want to know if it’s worth spending the extra few dollars.

my guess on the price difference is because the 173kv are the Reacher motors. SKP and Radium also have modified reacher motors as they perform really well with the crazy builds the community likes to do.


173kv will drop your top speed like 3mph it’ll give you a little more torque so if you change out the pulleys to run a higher gearing (eg. 4.1 → 3.8) you’ll get that speed back.

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On 173kv, with the 7" tires that board ships with, your top speed will be pretty slow. 27mph. You would need 8" tires to hit 31mph.

On 190kv you’d be at 30mph. With 8" tires, 34mph.

I would definitely go 190kv. It’s a better choice for the stock gearing and battery voltage that the flowstate board comes with.


It’s VESC based so can’t I adjust the voltage to get more power out of it if I wanted to?

from what i understand (someone lmk if i’m wrong), voltage is determined battery S count so not quite… you can upgrade the battery to a higher voltage, run more amps and get more torque from the motors or change gearing to make the board to go faster

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I would need to verify the numbers but my current board has the same size battery (12s8p) and Stormcore 60D (handles less voltage than the MakerX DV6 Pro) and I have a top speed of at least 40 mph with the same exact 190kv motors. My voltage is limited by the controller, the battery can handle a lot more than what the controller allows.

My assumption is the default settings Mboards sets it up to does not utilize the full power the battery and controller can handle. I could be completely wrong, just going off of assumptions. It is probably a safety thing.

You’re getting voltage and current confused mate. You can’t change the voltage of your battery, or limit it in any way using the vesc. You can adjust your current settings, but this will only affect your torque/power, not your speed.

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So how am I getting less speed from the same battery? This is not making a whole lot of sense to me

I don’t know what speeds you’re comparing, but i would assume gearing/wheel size/motor kv is responsible.

170kv will get you slightly less top speed than 190kv if everything else is the same.


the gearing on the flow state is 15/72 which is a 4.8 gearing which will max out at about 30mph. if you want more speed, you need bigger motor pulleys or smaller wheel pulleys. to get to 40mph, you’ll probably want a 16/60 gearing which is a 3.8 gear ratio (this is assuming you’ll be on 7in tires)

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i ran both 173kv and 190kv - I like the 173kv, they are quieter, doesn’t get as hot as the 190kv. It has more torque but not sure about the top speed as i am running 18T/58T with 175mm wheels, it goes well past 40mph
note: the 173kv also has more features then the 190kv

  • Cooling Mesh for improved Air intake
  • Battle Hardened Magnets
  • Balanced for high RPM
  • Upgraded Bearings: NMB Brand, Quad Bearing Design

I’d definitely recommend getting the Reachers (173kv**)… as someone who actually had to upgrade to Reachers in order to run the amps I wanted without thermal problems, I wish I’d started with Reachers.


Thank you all for the help. I think I understand better now. I currently run the same size 190kv motors as the Flowstate but on gear drives. I am not sure if what the gearing is as I am not home as I write this. If I want more speed I can just change the pulleys to increase that.

Personally I am okay with a 31 mph top speed, although increasing that a little bit wouldn’t hurt. I don’t go past 30 very often anyways.

not a strange story by itself but Im a little confused… above discusses the Reacher motors, Mboards reference Radium motors, their image shown BN motors which are Flipsky motors…



get the lower kv and install more speed with the field weakening adds on

Worth noting that the radium name is just there for recognition, pretty sure this isn’t a proper collab


Noting that they should update their image really…

Still better than Tampa’s website even if all the information is completely wrong so still winnimg rigjt?