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Maytech mto6374-190-ha usa

Gauging interest in maytech mto 6374-190-ha 78.90 each if we can get 18 sold I’m going to take 2Maytech-6374-190kv-brushless-motor-for-steering-wheel-self-Balance-Gero-scooter.jpg_640x640q70.jpg_.webp (15.9 KB)


You need to have level 3 to start a groupbuy.


Heya bud, as @pjotr47 said you must be level 3 (regular) to host a group buy.
It’s nothing against you it’s just our way of getting reliable sources from scammers: keeps the community happy.
See if you can find someone here who would be willing to organise it stateside.
You can use this thread to find such individuals


I PMed you your stats so you can see the requirements needed to get to level 3.


He just was gauging interest. Doesn’t mean he want to do that gb by his own. As min like this it was in the other place. It’s just a recall if more people would be interested. As min thats how I read it


You’re probably right, but even so, nothing i mentioned was inaccurate :smile:


OK I was going to do a group buy but never saw any info on doing group buys of being level 3

Let us know if/when you do, I might be down for a pair.

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I’m not going to do any group buys this process is ass backwards talking about level 2 and it won’t level me take down this thread

The level 3 rule is there out of a good reason and not to restrict the community in getting good deals.
There is always the way that you do the GB together with a L3 member. Just he need to take over the responsibility if something goes wrong.
This process might bring you that much interaction in here that you after anyway L3 by your own, which is not hard to reach by the way.


This thread is the first time I ever heard of level 3 and didn’t even know what your talking about until I asked bill apparently it’s when I hit regular instead of member their needs to be a sticky and new process of knowing when I hit regular the only way to know is to keep checking my profile every so often

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There is an overview on all levels and what you need to reach them in discourse:

This makes me wonder if I’ve been suspended at some time. I otherwise meet all the criteria for regular. :face_with_monocle:


Sent you PM about this.


Faaak I’d like a cheep 6374…


6374 170KV is GOAT for single/dual drive. As far as 6374’s go atleast. Would rec. 6380 170KV or longer/larger for most single drives at this point.

If you’ve never used 6374’s before/you don’t know exactly what you’re wanting out of them… Go 170KV over 190KV


@Ace, dundunDUNNNN you’re in troubleee! called to the principles office :stuck_out_tongue:


Not at all. I just like to share level limit progress if people are unsure.

Principle: throws down file on desk “You think we forgot about your suspension in 3rd grade ya little shit? Take a look!”

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Come on now. It was the fourth grade.