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Maytech 6374 Bearing replacement help.

I accidentally destroyed my motor bearings by pushing the gear of my Etoxx gear drive to strong on the axle. It worked fine for 5km but then the noise got worse and worse. The drive is fine but the motor makes very bad bearing noises.

Im not 100% sure were i can push on when removing the bearings without damaging the motor.

Is it okay to push on the little black edge? (red arrow)

My plan is to put it in a vice and push the bearing trough with a long screw or tool.

Do you know the name / type of bearing for the New maytech 6374?

Any tipps for bearing replacement are appreciated.


You probably want to take off that big shiny nut with the two flat sides, it holds the hall sensor pcb in place and get that pcb out of the way first.

Never replaced motor bearings, no idea how to get it out. Not sure if they are just pressed in or glued as well. Gonna be a bitch to take out regardless.

If you get it out, you can either read the bearing code from it, or measure it and look up here.


I managed to get them out without having to put force near the Sensor Board.

Now I can try to find new ones. Ty tor the link.