(May be) Looking for a 12S1P (21700)


I’m looking for a 12S1P 21700 to add to my setup
I know it’s unlikely that I find anything, but I try


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Why 21700 exactly?

Is it for range extension?
I feel like high capacity 18650s would be better

Yep, I have a 12S2P 21700 already

Why not 12S1P Samsung 35E?

Oh already have 21700. Where did you get it?

I don’t know, to be coherent, would it work with 35E?

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The higher voltage will always flow to the lower voltage.

So any cells would do as long as the current is limited.

Have you read about charge and ride?

But 12S1P would be the voltage as 12S2P isn’t it?
Oh you mean when discharging?

You have to give us the name of the cell your already existing pack is made from.

If your cells are Samsung 30t/40t/Santo cells, and you buy the 35e that’s spoken about above, you’re going to have a terrible time.

It’s considered bad practice to just put two packs which have different cycle counts on them together, and even worse to mix cells between the two packs.


It’s this one, no idea what’s inside though…

EDIT: Must be those: eu.nkon.nl/nitecore-inr21700-4800mah-35a.html

It could be those, but that would leave you at 482WH

I think it’s these

Imo since you can’t get these already packaged as a pack, it makes more sense for you to simply wait until you can make a ‘larger’ upgrade and do the whole pack. That being said I’m not in your shoes, so whatever u do just do it safely.


May be those indeed.
So adding another battery is a no go? :thinking:

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It’s a go, it’s just not a good go :joy:




I think if you want to interchange your 12s2p pack with 12s1p. You might want something like a 40T, but why?
You probably will need it to be custom made, I think backfire mini uses 12s1p with decent discharge

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He wants to 12s2p + 12s1p = 12s3p (with mixed cells, if he’s going for a preassembled solution)

Oh I see, that’s no good then


I wouldn’t agree 100% with that. If @DavidF wants to use 12s2p in parallel with new 12s1p and each battery has its own bms, there should not be any problem. Actually it will be even better than using only one pack, since current needed will be divided between 3 cells instead of 2.

I am even 95% sure that it would work even if he mixes cells, but then again they HAVE to be mixed 2 old + 1 new in each group, and of course, at same voltage before connecting them in parallel.


I mean, the issue is less pronounced in a system where low amps are needed, like a prebuilt, but that still doesn’t solve the issue where the fresh pack will impact the total voltage read by the ESC, and how if taken to low enough %s could leave the used battery damaged, or vice versa.

If he were to get the same 12s2p and slap it to the one he currently has it would be perfect… But it’s not.

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Also he doesn’t seem the type to open battery packs, and weld new cells to form a 3p config from a 2p…

And even then, it would likely impact the voltage read by the ESC like I said earlier

It’s not going to blow up the second you turn it on, but I wouldn’t leave it in my house. :man_shrugging:t2: Do what you will

Oh it would be that bad?
Time to close thread then!
Thank you guys!