Matrix 1 Clones Bushings

For the life of me, I cannot find bushings to replace the ones in my Chinese matrix 1 clones.

Trampa and mbs ones won’t fit. From what I recallt the bushings in the chinesium matrix clones are 8mm ID, flange height is 24mm, OD of bushings is 15 or 16 mm, and length of the bushing is 12mm.

Any input appreciated.


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I think you can put eggs in the stock springs?


You can also fab the insert piece from metal that makes the matrix 1 clones act like matrix 2 and take the shock blocks.


I mean bushings. Not dampers

I need this model, I have a idea for myself I want to test.
Is that exact to MBS or at least very close? I plan to build off that part.

Joel from mbs released official models for the matrix 2s so I’d go off that even though mine looks like it fits perfectly. If you can’t isolate that part in the model, Lmk and I’ll mess around with it.

Edit: OP means the flange bushings.

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I always thought those parts were called bushes not bushings

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Maybe ours could work for ya. You’d have to check with Charles about dimensions or I can check during the day if needed

Go to a machine shop. Those bushings can easily be fabricated with a lathe.


I would like to try this also!

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Yeah it if you could get the dimensions for those, that would be awesome

I need to figure out what material would be best

Probably brass would be a good option

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Oh wait those are a plastic material huh I wonder if delrin is a better option then

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