MASSIVE Gear Drive

So im a lil big, at 260. Wanted to get some off roading with big tires but cant really afford a proper set up… the result is what follows.

I started with an eco at drive and used the clamp and adatper to build my own drive! The cost was roughly cheaper than something similar if it even exists. I wanted a ton of torque and cheap replacable gears. I went with 11 tooth m1.5 pinion gear and a 76 tooth wheel gear. I also was under space constraints with huge 3.5 inch wide tires.

The hole thing is sealed with a huge thrust bearing, so that the hub can spin freely outside the enclosure. Ill definitely post pictures with tires.

A lot went into this, but it wasnt crazy, just wanted something cheap to rip.

Edit: materials are 7075 aluminum,hdpe, and ar 500 steel.


Wholey shit man! That is brutally awesome! Fantastic job! Teach us the way, plzzz! Hows it held up, got many or any testing onnit?


Well I just finished working out the kinks. The bearings being loud is the only issue i cant solve. Im waiting on m4 hardware for my wheel adapter so i can bolt my hubs to it and rip! No doubt the wheel gear will hold up, its super strong. The pinion not sure about, said hardened steel.

If you have cad skills and 3d printing skills this can be achieved for about 300$

I will certainly be designing more diy gear drives to show whats possible for cheap. Love your enthusiasm.

Also im Nick too haha

Edit: other issue is deck clearance on mbs pro 97, need to cut a wee bit.


Thats a feature, not a bug! Customized decks look cooler and have been proven to shred harder! And loud pipes save lives so why not bearings? Right on,man, Nicks ftw! Rock on w yo bad self man!


Update: the gears are plenty strong, even the 11t pinion. The gear drive rips, like insane. Huge gears at m 1.5 and a ratio of about 1:7. It handles 10 inch tires very easily.

Problem: spacers for hubs have completly blown out from the immense pressure…

Question: has anyone successfully made a hub adatper for 10 inchers for superstars?


Update again: bigger, stronger spacers, more clearance. Theres a good superstar spacer for wide tires avaliable on thingiverse if anyone is interested… all you need is the hub sleeve for 10 inchers…


i’d recommend you get yourself a set of fatlads (widens the stance and are made for 10"). sick drive btw, made something similar 12:90.

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Thanks! Will probably have to save up for that… i got some more spacers printing with a different design so hopefully they hold up. And jesus 12:90 sounds absurd… :laughing:

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Looks like instand wheel bite when turning.
You don’t have any problems with it?


Actually the only problem is the esc case hitting the wheels but that is an easy fix… i chopped the deck in back and have the superstar off set spacers as well. The deck barely misses the wheels in the front… ill post pics when shes up and running again.

Edit: the wheels kinda sit in the pocket where the mtb deck tip angles up

Also not a perfect set up. 3d printed hub parts, shit tires, geardrive thing… its powerful but loud and the tires are beyond wonka.

For those wondering about wheel bite…