Making 12S12Ah with 6S6Ah / Parallel & Serie connections

I would just use li-ion personally :joy: unless I’m missing something (I very well could be it’s super late or early.) you will get the same results. If that is the vase I would say it just depends on your enclosure and layout?

I’d always heard parallel first, but can’t be bothered to look up a source at the moment… Thinking real quick about it, I’d guess the parallel connections carry less current, so you’d want more of them?

@TheRef Lipo typically has higher energy density than liion. Lots of reasons to use them vs liion and vice versa.

ex. this pack is the capacity equivalent to a 12S4P 30T (35A*4=140A), but lipo packs can be had with anywhere between 25-125C, offering much more current for a bit more size (although, square packs are obviously more volume efficient than cylinder cells :p)

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Minimize the length of the full-current serial connections, and that includes the ones going to the ESC.


Yeah… I just don’t see how people need that much current… :man_shrugging:


Well, I’m sure if you looked harder, you could see :wink:

But also, look at it this way. You can build a tiny little 3-4ah thane board that can still pump out a good amount of power. Trying this w/ liion would result in immeasurable amounts of sag, lol.

or, maybe more applicable/easier to see, a 100C 5ah lightweight MTB jump pack.




I built an awesome mtb carver with a Kaly deck. Built my own battery. Molicel p42a. Love this battery. don’t get sag at all until cut down starts. It is pretty heavy but only in the back end because of the motors. I ride pretty hard. So yes I get amps… but that’s a lot of amps. I may have been born in the night, but it sure wasn’t last night habla. They are lighter though… that’s probably the only reason I would use them on a vehicle. And just for fun… mines bigger. :joy::joy:

Thank you all! Actually I did before asking and have made series then parallel :