makerX GO-FOCSV6 ESC Install

Hi all, I am ordering parts for my first Esk8 build. My main questions are in regards to the ESC I selected but am open to suggestions as a whole on my build. Some parts are ordered and can’t be changed. Others are pending to be selected for order.

Deck (ordered): 34" Old school cruiser

Wheels: 90mm 74a

Trucks: TorqueBoards 180mm (considered the 218 but eh) w/ some 3mm risers

Motor mount: Still looking, probably going with @Boardnamics Caliber II 63mm motor mount. Says its “flippable” which I am hoping means can be rear mounted or under-deck. I need under-deck, maybe he will chime in if I tag him <3

Timing belt: Prob a 15mm for reliability

Battery: Looking at @Skyart 10s4p pack

Motor (ordered): Flipsky BLDC 6384 190kv (also considering 170kv) 4kw 8mm round shaft

Remote (ordered): Flipsky 2.4Ghz VX1 Pro

Pulleys/Gearing: 36/15 (Can’t find any reasonably priced 40t pulleys)

ESC: The main reason for my post lies here. I am looking at buying a makerX GO-FOC SV6 (Go-FOC SV6 ----- 120A Singel Drive based on VESC6 MakerX)

However, I have heard it may require some soldering for motor attachment and was hoping someone would have some insight in this forum to guide me. It seems this ESC is the best for my build and for a solid price. It was recommended to me on the old forum by someone who does not wish to be named on the new forum (??)
Anyways, I have zero experience or equipment for soldering connections. Does anyone know if:

  1. This esc fits my build nicely

  2. This ESC requires soldering upon install

  3. If it does require soldering, is there a well-priced alternative that would fit my build similarly or better? Preferably located in US.

  4. If there is not a solid alternative, how tf do I go about soldering this thing :joy: is there a guide that exists out there? I can’t find much of anything on this specific ESC.

Kindly open to criticism and suggestions on my build. Thanks for your help in advance forum wizards!


first off, welcome

depends on ur enclosure

not exactly, they comes with 5.5mm bullets for motor and XT60 for batt

see above

this is a general soldering guide:

if u send flipsky an email, they can probably put 5.5mm bullet on it, so u don’t need to solder

u can ask in the noob thread, plenty of experts hanging around there



Lmao, I said HE WHO WISHES NOT TO BE NAMED and I will stick to that!

I see…seems it is indeed the consensus that the 5.5 is where soldering would be needed. I will email flipsky. However, as I do not even know what I am asking for would I phrase the email in the likes of the following:

Would you please use the 5.5mm gold plated connector option as my ESC uses 5.5mm bullet connector.

Ah maybe that is where I should have posted this, apologies if I am in the wrong topic zone.


If you are ordering the battery from me, you could have flipsky ship the motor to me aswell. I can handle the soldering/re soldering and can make sure the controller plug matches the esc plug…

One think kissing is an antispark or loop key from your build


I could also make you a loop key or you could order an flipsky antispark. They have been fairly reliable for me. I also have a few on hand if you would like to just purchase one from me

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I’d swap the phase connections on the actual esc. Pretty much everything is on 4mm and makerx is the odd one out here.


The only wizard Leon may be is this one (tentative 🫢)


I don’t think KKK robes count as wizard robes.


Clearly opinions are strong and sides are split (lol internet drama). But as a noob who just joined the community today, all I can do is sit back and thank the experts for their advice. :v:


Kkk? What’s that? All I see is a spooky ghost

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So, back on topic of my build :joy: I found Boardnamics can source 40t pulleys so am considering now a 40/16 over a 36/15. Lets see if I get this right: A 36/15 will give me a tad higher top speed while a 40/16 will provide more torque (based off the gearing ratios). Hmmmm… what to do. Well, what would you do?

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The short caliber II mounts are ideal for underdeck since they’re so little.

pppssst, you’re right about pulleys.


Right on, I’m sure you will see my order come in for some 40/16 pulleys and the mount! Seems like I will be using a 270mm belt. Any idea when yours will be restocked? Show as backorder atm.

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The 270s I have

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Ah website hasn’t updated then. Ill throw it in the order anyways since I got the confirmation from you directly. Glad to support a local business!


I sent the email to flipsky and they responded this:

I am unsure what to respond as my ESC says it comes with male and female yet flipsky suggests just female.

The esc has female connectors and it comes with loose male connectors in the box. You want your motor to have male connectors


Got it. Out of curiosity where did you find that information? Personal experience with makerX? Because I have really struggled to find any builds or information in general from the community using the SV6. All I can find is people using the DV6.

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The sv6 is quite literally half of the dv6. It’s also very new.

I’ve had the dv4 and dv6. Both are working perfectly after a year ish


I haven’t used these connectors before, but isn’t the one they pointed to with the red arrow in the email the male? It looks like the right one is a female…