Makerx GO-FOC HV200

Hi guys, does anyone know how to wire this bad boy up on a momentary switch to turn off and on? No switch or documentation came with the product.

I think you’d have to run either an anti-spark switch or an xt90-s as a switch

For a high voltage ESC/build regular esk8 antispark switches won’t work such as the flipsky ones (according to their specs).

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There are a few high voltage antisparks out there including 2 from flipsky. Otherwise, throw a loop key in er.


Don’t know if it helps, but it works fine.

Thanks guys

@Chricious What is the name of that anti spark you have in the picture. Thanks

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All the marking are covered but common things being common, its probably this.

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That’s right. It’s the 20S 300A FS.

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