MakerX Go-FOC DV6/Pro vs D100/D75 vs Spintend UBox V2 vs Stormcore 60D+

It’s been a while since I’ve looked into the (VESC-based) ESC market (or eskate parts in general) and it seems like I can get any of the following for around the same price.

Which is best in your opinion? Assuming I go with MakerX, would there be any reason to choose something like the DV6 Pro over the D75 that can seemingly handle more voltage? Also, what’s the difference between Go-FOC/VESC 6 based hardware other than higher voltage limits?

  • MakerX DV6 Pro
  • MakerX D100/D75
  • Spintend UBox V2 75/100v
  • Stormcore 60D+

Right now the plan is a 12s pneumatic street build so any of them should work but that may well change before I’m finished. Any input would be appreciated.


MakerX all the way

Go DV6PRO unless you think one day you’ll go high voltage, then go D75.
Today I opened up 6x brand new stormcores.

2x didn’t have working Bluetooth

1x wouldn’t turn on

3x worked fine


They’re based on different hw/fw designs. I’m not sure how much difference it makes in practice, but I did have trouble getting a davega to work with the d75 and I put it down to hw/fw conpatibility issues. (Completely unfounded and untested speculation btw)

God damn, what a fall from grace.
First year+, 60d+ was the most reliable 12s (v)esc.

@jaykup have dissected any of these later ones to see whats different?

Aside from the 60D vs 60D+ markings, I don’t think there are any identifiers that say what revision/batch they are. Only one I’ve seen that on are the Trampa ESCs, laser engraved on the heatsink.

I saw a Lacroix video that shows a test “box” with motors/PSUs in it where they can run an automated load test on new ESCs

Not sure what the current testing policy is though.


I guess I was more wondering if b-grade or counterfeit chips are discernible from proper ones. As something obviously changed over time from earlier 60d+.

Oh - yeah nothing obvious like that. My uneducated guess is that it’s more to do with the PCB assembly and testing than anything else. I think all ESCs have some rate of failure direct from the factory, and the testing policy is what usually catches that. Lacroix has historically been good about that compared to other brands, so I’m not sure why Jackson gets faulty ones out of the box.



For my DIY projects in the past my stormcores have worked great.

Yikes! Thanks for the insight though! Somehow the best choice works in favour of my wallet this time, which never happens lol

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Interesting! I figured it would be a no-brainer to go for the more “future-proof” (higher voltage) option seeing as though I couldn’t spot any obvious reasons not to. But hw/fw compatibility issues might change that.