M365 Motor 56.4V with VESC 71500.

Hey guys i have question that cannot be solved by me…
I have battery pack 56.4V 13S5P with M365 PRO motor and thing is on vesc like previous post was i learned lesson and changed to Inrunner i let it setup complete (Detect motor)
Then i test ride and… only 35Km/h it is hardware locked by Xiaomi motor ? because on 36Volts i can reach same speed…

Any ideas to tweak VESC ? maybe change from FOC to BLDC ?.
Thanks guys

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Probably bad setup of your vesctool.

Guessing you mean 75/300 Vesc?
Whats the kv of the motor? whats your gear ratio?
Alot of info missing.

Attatch XML file of your motor settings and maybe somoeone can be kind enough to review it for you.

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Yep i attach file right now
vesc_mcconf.xml (10.4 KB)

75/100/V2 Flipsky 75100 running firmware 6.0