Lurkers and Noobs News Update

The sun is shining more these days, and the fresh smell of spring triggers my brain to think of eskating. I don’t skate anymore, I sold my faptor’s guts to alderaan smugglers 700 years ago. So now I am the king of lurkers, drooling over what I cannot grasp on this forum. My whole town has been freshly repaved (i mean it), just to make shure I would go insane in my lurker cave.

This place is the place to be to get esk8 news right? So here is my challenge:

Describe the state of eskating in up to 3 sentences, so newcomers or lurkers can catch up on the most important innovations that they have been missing, without having to sift through the forum. Throw us a bone to keep us hooked. Make me jelly. Humor gets you bonus points and extra bitches in afterlife.

For example: “Heat pipes work now. Aluminium decks are the new standard. A prototype plasma drive is on the way and everyone is fighting for the first test builds but average broke losers are still better off with brand x or y and any DD on double kingpins.”

edit: thanks guys, I feel less retarded now. Cool thing is this thread stays usefull because of timestamp technology


eskating is still illegal in Germany

Edit: And in several other countries of the EU as well.


dds never work (torqueboards says learn to fall better)
4wd is coming the new standard
15-18s builds are increasingly common


2020 was the year of the ESC, there are so many options now in every form factor, many going over 12S, all-steel gear drives are a thing now, and Samsung and Sony are out, Molicel is the new king of cells.

Battery building has been perfected down to a beautiful art form: the safest, nicest batteries that weren’t even dreamed of 3 years ago are now common, esk8 is still illegal in Germany, and CANBUS-speaking BMS and metr are now a thing.

In addition to TKP, DKP, and RKP trucks, there are now NKP (no kingpin) and PKP (parallel kingpin) but NKP aren’t commercially available in metric yet and PKP technically aren’t commercially available at all yet, but probably will be in a few days.


there is also mkp

Out boards are going faster and faster, yet full face helmets are rare breed…

  • Belts out. Gear drives in.
  • 10s out. 12s accepted. >12s expected.
  • Affordable, lightweight composite hubs out. Heavyweight, extra-wide, precision engineered, pimp metal hubs that-look-like-you’d-have-on-the-car-of-your-dreams and cost-as-much-as-some-esk8s in.



Lots of people are done with their main builds and want emtbs now :muscle:

Many of the old vendors are falling apart or behind while community members are stepping up and pushing the envelope on new tech.

Al’s penis.


High end production boards cost 5 times what I paid for my first car, and sell before there is even a real world version of it.

Boards are much faster, riders aren’t really that much faster.

We still look like the cyberpunk tribe to non-esk8ers


Shit actually works now. You buy the stuff, follow the instructions on here and it works. All the major design flaws found in every vendors early designs have all been ironed out. This thing of ours is maturing, as a hobby, a science, and a market.

It’s a lot easier to get a build right on the first try now.

Also 21700 is the new 18650 but that’s kinda old news.


Multiple different BMS’s have come out/will be available shortly. Multiple eboard light solutions are available/coming this year. No much innovation on remote side of things apart form shape. Freesk8 project has been gaining steam lately. Some innovation on wheels, both comfy poli wheels and composite racing wheels, still in testing phase. Some older well known good vendors are having quality issues. Focbox unity has a unofficial rerelease with better QC

Also, we have reached the point where we have clone of a clone in board market (meepo cheap copycats)


EUCs are still lame


I feel like every time I see someone riding one it looks like an awkwardly CGI’d centaur charging in to battle.


Centaurs don’t have a single point of failure


I feel like every time see one I wana scream “NEEEERRRDDD” but then I realize I’m wearing a kevlar jacket, dual-axis knee pads, and a full face helmet, while tracking my ride and board performance via app and that I am the nerd… its me.


Not that you’ve found

I love the speed and control they have. But damn it looks awfull from side. Like a broken NPC traversing over glitched path. Only thing missing is T pose.


Don’t use the V word if you’re not seeking for trouble