I am trying to figure out the ltt bms:

Is this wiring right?:

And why does it have 15 small wires as well? 13 are for the p groups but where do I put the red and black of the small ones? Solved, it was a 14s bms and some white wires are bridged.

Where do the balance wires start with bat-(Found a bc0 on the pcb, this should be it) ?

Step one take a look at the diagram on their website

Each of the small wires goes to its p group by order

You have a bunch of info here you can find by search, and im sure theres a youtube video about it somewhere

Also you want the bms wired charge only so only the charging wires go “through” it

The wires that power the esc go directly of battery terminals

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This should be right now if I am not messing anything up? @Acido
The charge wires go between battery and anti-spark or anti-spark and vesc?

This seems correct to me.

Just some fuses missing. Main positive discharge wire between cell + and antispark input + and on the positive charging cable

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Does anyone know where I can find the password for the bms(app)?
6-digit only numbers. cannot find it.

its usually either 000000 or 123456

If its not those you’ll have to email the seller and ask


It was 123456 :ok_hand:

How many amps is it
What’s current rating ?

Small update: The bluetooth module of the bms broke, let us see if I get a replacement with another BMS order… I cannot find any on their website.