Loud screech from motors or vesc?

go a question to ask, i was out for a ride today and sometimes i heard a really loud screech coming from the motor on take off. im using the wand with smart reverse this happens when im reversing then kick it into forward. anyone know what it could be?

I’ve experienced stutters and noises from my motors when something motor config related was wrong (for me it was a broken hall sensor I think). You should probably try to re-run the motor configuration wizard in the VESC Tool to see if it works ok.

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I had a very similar issue with my Unity on my old motors, and I think it was caused by bad motor config… idk if that’s the case here but maybe worth a shot.

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Might be right I tried downloading new vesc tool this morning 2.0.1 did first vesc seemed OK. Did second vesc and that started doing it. Looks like the hall sens failed to detect. Will try again later tonight when I get home.