Looking to run trampa super stars on a 8mm axle

Anybody know a good place to get a 12mm to 8mm reducer washer/bearing/cylinder thing? Bonus points if its got a flanged shoulder.

Unless someone knows a better way to run trampa super stars on 8mm skate axles!

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@mmaner Mike you’re up

Edit… I just realized you want the other way around. There are ways but it’s shit.

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These folks make them, but I don’t know if they will sell them individually (as in without the complete wheel).

I’ll take a look - thanks!

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@deckoz made a thread about it


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yeahhhh haven’t found any good solutions but I don’t want to buy whole new hubs and tires to work with 8mm axles when I have everything to make them work on 12mm AND 9.25mm already lol

I’d recommend @deckoz method since you can use bigger bearings


thank you all!!

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There is also this that might work for ya. https://www.boardbumpersshop.com/product-page/trampa-superstar-hub-bearing-adapter-set


since we’re on this topic…and since i have the knock offs that already come with the 8mm bearings…what if I wanted to go to bearing for 10-12mm axles? what does the OEM trampa hardware look like?

is there no board bumper bit…just respectively sized bearings right in the metal spoke and some sort of small aluminum bit gapping in between the bearings in the center? thanks

You can fit 28x12x6 bearings in the hub, you just needed a spacer in the middle.


sweet thanks thats what i was thinking…do u happen to know what length spacer i might need?

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If you run TB218 or other truck with longer axles you don’t need any adapter, just use 638 bearings (8x28x8), they will stick 1mm out of the wheel, but it’s almost imperceptible, and also a custom spacer or a bunch of washers


a simple spacer would be 33x15mm. On the actual spacer, there is a lip that sits in the center of the spoke hub that keeps the spacer centered.

Here’s a link to the model if you want to print some…

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So this made me realise…can i run my superstars on mbs trucks without a spacer inside the trampa bearings?

U mean… Bearing, no spacer, bearing? Just letting the axle rest on the bearing bore only?

No. I’m not sure what they’re called. The metal spacer that goes between the bearing and axles

You can, the spokes have a lip to keep the bearing from shifting inwards. Just tried. Would use it anyways though unless you don’t have 'em.

I’m speaking of the metal cylinder you put between the axle and bearing. I have one for every bearing