Looking to buy100+mm abec core wheel


Looking to buy 100+mm wheels with abec cores. Too poor for full price new ones, but I need big wheels that work with my 36t abec pulleys. I’m in the California bay area.


Hey, I have some ABEC 107 Flywheels- I can let them go for around $80 if that works for you?


You can always buy the chinese knock offs with the abec core. @Psychotiller is working with abec 11 and they are coming out with 111mm


hopefully they make some changes to the core to give more urethane depth because kegel style wheels just have them beat in that department and also imho kegel core>abec core for eskate.

No thanks. Then we’d all have to buy new pulleys for one set of wheels.

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sorry skunk I mean the fact that their core has protrusions that reduce urethane depth this stuff doesnt impact your bolt through etc its just there to help hold the urethane or something but it seems unnecessary

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Not sure what your gearing is but i hated 36t on anything bigger than 97mm

Well if you run lower kv surely this will balance out? But IMo I think the bigger the pulley the better that way it lasts longer.

Yeah lower kv would help, but im assuming he has a board already and built it with smaller wheels and now wants a smoother ride.
So he probably already has motors.

@Bordboy also make sure you have mounts that allow motor pulleys to clear 100mm+ wheels.

That’s a good deal if they aren’t too beat. Hopefully in your price range Bordboy

I run 107mm on 32t but I don’t weigh much at all :grin:

As far as I know, there really aren’t any cheap Chinese abec versions over 97mm

I’ve got some reflective 97mm from lazy rollers that I can bring up to SF on the race. I’m unlikely to go to post office.

Trade for 6pack only if you are going to use them… not turn around and sell. :grimacing:


Correction, 1mm over TB 110s :grimacing:. Maybe hold out for 112s?

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I think you meant adding four mm to their 107

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Oh, indeed. I stand corrected.


Meepo sells 100mm abec clones.


I think Boa’s win that competition haha

But there’s nothing to compare it to…
Plus can you even order boa wheels? Lol

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I’m still using the same set I bought last year. The whole issue with buying them is kinda ass definitely but I haven’t had to replace them. They seem to handle better than any wheel I’ve tried. I’d like to try 110’s at some point but I feel like it’s just getting ridiculous with the wheel sizes. Also my set of 107’s my Boa’s replaced are door stops now. I had the first formula which chunked like crazy within 3 months, boa’s are fine over a year later and still look solid. I hope they get their shit together at some point with the stock.

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Oh 100% I do that, learned that from you :smiley:. Haven’t had to do that yet on my boas though. My raptor hubs thane on the other hand was almost 25% super glue haha. The super glue worked wonders but it only works if you catch it. I’d go for a ride with the 107’s and notice afterwards the chunks so it didn’t help me.

Again this was the lime green 107’s. I heard there was some sorta change with the black ones.

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What gear # do you use? I basically use 36T exclusively. Got a few sets of those old Enertion ones, cheap, easy/lazy. I just play with the motor gear numbers