Looking to buy your board!

Hello there, after to much anxiety of having the possibly of messing up a build i am looking to buy someones board, i have around a $1300 price range and I was wondering what someone might have to offer. please keep in mind im a heavy rider around 260lbs so it would have to be dual drive.

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So soon?! It’s only been a few days! Why not do more research to be confident and tackle the build yourself. Many are happy to help. It will also be much more rewarding in the end.


im down, but my mom said its my only form of transportation to my new job and im not looking to walk, mom said no to a car for another 3 years. I need something that is reliable


If it’s reliability you’re after, hard to beat a manufactured product with a warranty behind it. I’d think that you’d be more pleased with your own build in the end (given that you’ll put in the time + effort). my 2c


A manufactured product with a warranty doesn’t help you when you break down on the way to work. Those are after-the-fact details.

Some brands seem much better than others, though. Stay away from Evolve. Metroboard is good. I don’t think that price range will get you into a @longhairedboy or @Psychotiller custom build.

I have yet to find a board you can buy already built that’s actually waterproof and not just water resistant with seals that will eventually wear out.


ya i was looking at the metro board, it has a 250lbs weight limit which is a problem for me

This is confusing.

I’m fat at 210 lbs and I ride single-motor boards all the time.


Right, but buying someone’s diy & having little experience isn’t going to help either. Which is why I’m suggesting he reconsiders building one for the experience, ability to self-service, and reward + satisfaction.


:arrow_up: this :smiley:

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fuck i meant 260lbs

Their weight limit isn’t hard and fast. It just means things will wear out faster.

i know what you mean and im sure i honestly could build one, ive done HOURS of research but im not sure it would be reliable. Also the battery i have rn is only a 10s3p and would only give me around 8 miles range

You’re only beginning to scratch the surface :smiley:


i mean i probably know more than you think as ive built a direct drive board before but it just couldnt handle my weight, i am new to vescs however

Do u have preferences?

Wheel type, deck, aesthetics?

I have a 12s4p, 150kv, 97mm flywheel, hummie deck, psychotiller enclosure, focbox board that’s on the verge on being taken apart for a new build.

Could take photos later if interested.


ya sure that would be awesome, what kinda motors are they, ie 6374 etc

as for preferences im looking for a board between like 35 and 40in

6355, turnigy sk8, 150kv

14/40 gears, geared for torque, not top speed.

Max is like 25mph at full charge.

Ill take some photos and pm you.