Looking for used motors

I recently purchased the Newbee 4GS gear drives to replace my boardnamics. I currently have the 190KV boardnamics 6384. The 4GS is not compatible with this motor due to the ridge at the bottom of the shaft preventing the pinion from going all the way down on the shaft.

I know both the Flipsky and Apex 6384 motors work due to not having that ridge. I am looking to buy outright or trade the boardnamics motors for ones that are compatible with the 4GS. Preference is 190 or 170kv but not going to be picky. The shaft length needed is 8mm.

If anyone has motors to buy or trade, please let me know!

I thought the BN motors are flipsky :thinking:

They are but the shafts are different. In these pictures you can see what I mean

Stock motors from Reacher also have a slight interference on 4GS drive pinions where there is a chamfered step on the shaft.

If you go with these its pretty easy to cut that small chamfer on the pinion gear. A Dremel can do it.

If the shaft is long enough. You can just space the motor away from the geardrive by a few mm with a piece of laser cut aluminum and use slightly longer motor bolts.


What shaft length do you need? I have a set of Flipsky BH 6384 170kv cut to 26-ish mm shaft, but one of them has some slight can movement. If the Newbee drive use straight cut then it will be fine, don’t remember if newbee use straight or helical.

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It needs to be the standard length of 30 mm with 8mm diameter. Unfortunately I don’t think these will work but I appreciate it anyways!

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No prob.

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What I was about to say…