looking for steel pulley 14t 20mm wide 10mm bore

hi there I’m looking for a pair of steel pulleys, 10mm bore, 13-15t 20mm wide, ideally no collar.
does anybody know where to find one?
ideally in europe or uk as well.


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Hi have two of them, 10mm round bore, new condition:

Sitting in Germany :slight_smile:

2x Aluminum Motor Pulley HTD5M 15mm Wide 15 teeth + 4 screws

15€ + shipping and are yours

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Sorry, only now read you need 20mm wide…

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thanks,must be steel as well.

thanks, good site! unfortunately 15 or 25mm though and it says alu OR steel, but you can’t select it.

Depends on size
St is steel
Alu is aluminium

The 15mm wide ones are 20.5mm wide in the outside side flange

Thay also do 25mm wife ones as well

Personally I size my belts to the pulley as you can order belts in any size. finding a pully for a abnormal belt it’s very hard try to fined a pulley that fits a common 12mm belt. @longhairedboy is the only one I found that fits well every one seems to sell 18mm inside flange and say it’s for 12mm

Edit: talking about steel pullys seem to get a bit more options in Alu pulls

oh ok thanks. that could actually work. it looks like it has a flange on both sides?